3 Reasons We Still Love Vanilla

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, December 11, 2017

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Some may turn their noses up at the humble vanilla bean. They may consider it boring or bland, or they may think it lacks the palate-pleasing power or chocolate or fresh berries. Well, we respectfully disagree. Vanilla is, in our professional estimation, one of the most delightful flavors found in baked goods and frozen treats. It’s not hard to see why — but here are our three favorite things about vanilla anyway:

Vanilla is derived from the seed pod of a rare and beautiful orchid. That alone is a reason to revere it! Imagine the fragrance of a field of pale, creamy vanilla orchids — imitation vanilla extracts are all fine and well, but the heady aroma of a thick vanilla pod that’s been freshly sliced open is unrivaled.

Vanilla complements virtually everything. From a stout chocolate torte to a fluffy strawberry cupcake, vanilla can be counted as a critical ingredient. A serving of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt is the perfect foundation on which to build new and fascinating flavors with sauces, fruits, and other toppings.

It’s been scientifically proven that a single scoop of vanilla ice cream stimulates our brain’s pleasure centers. This is apparent in the proliferation of vanilla scented lotions, cosmetics, and aromatherapy items.

If we haven’t convinced you of vanilla’s many virtues, we urge you to visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt to try a scoop or two for yourself. Check out our menu to see just how many toppings and complimentary flavors you can use to dress up your vanilla treat.

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