Healthy Eating: Frozen Yogurt Tip #10

Posted by wadmin on Friday, December 18, 2015

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Healthy Eating_Frozen Yogurt Tip 10

If you’re coming to Frenzi Frozen Yogurt to serve as your sweet tooth craving control center then try out Healthy Eating: Frozen Yogurt Tip #10 to help you keep your calories under control. 

Frozen Yogurt Tip: DO make fro-yo outings a social event.

Often when people bring sweet treats home, they don’t feel as embarrassed eating and will order larger sizes with more decadent toppings, says Blatner. “They feel under the veil of being by themselves and eating. Frozen yogurt is about enjoyment, so make sure that you are in a social situation actually enjoying it.” No sappy fro-yo pity parties, please—get your friends and go!

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