Popular Japanese 24k Gold Ice Cream Cone Arrives Stateside!

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, February 26, 2018

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Popular Japanese 24k Gold Ice Cream Cone Arrives Stateside

We love a good Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat trend, especially when they involve provocative deserts. And all our research has led us to the conclusion that this singular 24k ice cream concept is sure to kick off spring and summer’s biggest social media sharing trend. The 24k ice cream cone, complete with edible gold flake and a golden cone, initially went viral in Japan, but is now being served just a stone’s throw away from the Magic Kingdom at Snowopolis in Anaheim, California.

Though Hakuichi Ice Cream Shop in Kanazawa, Japan started the 2016 craze when they wrapped their vanilla soft serve in an edible layer of gold, Snowopolis has taken the trend to its logical next level, not only enrobing their soft serve in gold but serving the delicacy atop gold flecked waffle cones.

At nearly 15 dollars for a single cone, it’s not a trend to be indulged in with any frequency, but next time you and your family visit Disneyland, make sure to snap of pic of yourselves with a dazzling 24k gold ice cream cone.

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IMG SRC: Toukou Sousui 淙穂鶫箜

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