What’s in your Frozen Yogurt? | Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

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There is a lot more to frozen yogurt then meets the eye! Yes, it’s cold, deliciously creamy and naturally sweet but wait there more. Learn about the health benefits of consuming the Probiotics and Prebiotics in frozen yogurt below.

To understand the importance of probiotics, it is necessary to recognize the role of bacteria in the function of the human body. Bacteria (single-cell microorganisms) colonize throughout the body and are essential for the immune system, infection prevention and proper intestinal function. For many reasons, however, naturally occurring bacteria may not sufficiently or optimally perform these crucial functions.2 Therefore, health experts have determined that probiotics are a highly beneficial way to ensure healthy body functioning. Studies have shown probiotics aid in digestive health, improve lactose intolerance, enhance immunity by regulating antibodies, weaken negative side effects of some antibiotics, improve vitamin and nutrient availability, decrease the risk of certain cancers and potentially prevent the development of allergies in children.3,4

Having a closer understanding of probiotics, it is easier to grasp the purpose and function of prebiotics – most simply thought of as food for the “good” bacteria in our bodies. Prebiotics are non-digestible substances (most often nutritionally classified as soluble fibers10) that when consumed confer a benefit on the host by stimulating the growth and/or activity of select indigenous bacteria.11 This stimulated growth of favorable bacteria also helps to inhibit the overgrowth of pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. The variety of health benefits from prebiotic consumption therefore are the same as those associated with probiotics – the former involving consuming the actual bacteria, and the latter serving to increase the natural presence of those bacteria in the body.

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