Why You Should Visit Frenzi’s Patio This Week

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, April 9, 2018

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It’s Patio Season!

What does spring look like in Gresham? We suppose it begins with infinite clear blue skies dotted with cottony white clouds, low enough to catch the tops of the evergreens that surround us like fine gossamer on rough foxtail. Then, the daffodils arrive, heralding a new season with a luminous pronouncement of yellow; tiny teacups teetering askew on their saucers, bouncing in a warm breeze scented with spring’s first rosebuds, and lifting entire nebulas of fallen cherry blossoms from the ground in an elegant, everlasting pirouette.

Springtime in Gresham is a time to reflect on renewal and rebirth. Our unique geography, equidistant to towering mountain peak and furious coastline, crisscrossed with glittering rivers and spacious forest and stippled with dormant volcanoes, offers a magnificent vantage point, a particular perspective on the wealth and beauty inherent in nature.

Everyone has a favorite Oregon season. Autumn tops the list with its firework-like spectacle of changing leaves, followed closely by summer and it’s patiently awaited long days and balmy nights. Winter charms our hearts with the tease of sparkling snowfall before plunging us into the long darkness of a new year. And then we arrive, lighthearted and painfully pale, in the pollenized sunshower of our favorite season, spring.

Or as well like to call it, The Start of Patio Season.

Next time you visit historic Downtown Gresham, stop by Frenzi Frozen Yogurt and treat yourself! Visit our menu to see our seasonal offerings and plan your next visit. Don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday for Waffle Cone Wednesdays – buy one desert and receive one waffle cone or waffle cup free!


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