The Fine Art Of The Frozen Treat — 3 Sweet Artists

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, August 21, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_ The Fine Art Of The Frozen Treat — 3 Sweet Artists

Ice cream, and frosty treats in general, have a certain way of informing pop culture. There’s the idealized soda counter we’ve seen in Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers, the quiet perfection of Wayne Thiebaud’s endless rows of milkshakes and parfaits, and the rambunctious texture, size, and composition of Claes Oldenburg’s inflatable ice cream cones and pastry cases. These family friendly depictions of decadence in art make our shared love of sweet indulgence profoundly evident; man, we really love our sweet treats.

The trend of idealizing the technicolor experience of sugary indulgence didn’t wane with the modern art movements — in fact, these young artists and their honeyed depictions of America’s favorite summer delight are keeping the trend alive and well. Expect to see more delicious fine art from them in the future:

Kendyll Hillegas — This illustrator perfectly captures tempting mounds of ice cream, the glassy gleam of popsicles and ephemeral peaks of freshly whipped cream.

Jenny Danko — Jenny Danko’s illustrations may focus primarily on pet portraits, but her “pets emerging from ice cream cones” series is more than worth a mention here.

Kelly Gilleran — Gilleran’s paintings of “ice cream women” and meticulously created frosty treat patterns are some of the most delicious depictions of icy indulgences we’ve ever seen.

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