3 Wild Ice Cream And Froyo Flavors From Across The Country

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, November 20, 2017

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We once reviewed three outrageous ice cream and froyo flavors from around the world, but this time around we thought we’d investigate the domestic frozen desserts that bloggers, road trippers, and ice cream aficionados are excitedly buzzing about. These three fascinating flavors may inspire you to travel, to experiment or to visit Frenzi — all perfectly lovely ideas, by the way.

Alaska Fireweed and Honey

at Alaska Wilderness Cabins, Chugiak, Alaska

Fireweed is a native Alaskan plant with a naturally vibrant pink hue. This fragrant, floral and sweet plant is tempered by wild honey resulting in a singular ice cream experience.

Vietnamese Coffee with Candied Almonds and Peanut Butter Curry

at Humphry Slocomb, San Francisco, California

What definitely sounds to us like an irresponsible flavor overload has been lauded as one of the most creatively balanced and nuanced ice cream flavors in modern history. It’s said that the curry, peanut butter, and sweet coffee flavors are smartly complemented by the crunch of frosted almonds. We remain curiously aloof, but wouldn’t refuse a sample.


at Dave’s Ice Cream, Pearl City, Hawaii

Ube, a shockingly vibrant purple potato native to the Philippines, is the star of this vanilla tinged fantasy cone. Ube has the delicately sweet, earthy notes of a sweet potato or yam but with a much milder flavor.

Next time you visit historic Downtown Gresham, stop by Frenzi Frozen Yogurt and make your own fantasy flavors at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt. Visit our menu to see our seasonal froyo, ice cream, and topping offerings and plan your next weird sundae! Don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday for Waffle Cone Wednesdays — buy one desert and receive one waffle cone or waffle cup free!

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