3 Winter Waffle Cone Sundaes You Have To Try

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, January 1, 2018

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_3 Winter Waffle Cone Sundaes You Have To Try

Winter, we have a few words for you—chiefly, you can’t scare us away from our favorite flavors of froyo. Bring your worst, your freezing winds, your icy roads, your frosted flora—nothing, and we mean NOTHING will keep us from reveling in the sweet, creamy deliciousness of frozen yogurt, and we’re ready to prove it with these three DIY waffle cone creations.

Mountain Berry Jubilee

Combine equal parts boysenberry, blackberry and raspberry froyo flavors for an authentic taste of summer on Mt Hood. Top with fresh berries and waffle cone pieces before drizzling with velvety caramel and a scoop of toasted coconut.

Winter in the Tropics

Blend our passion orange guava sorbet with coconut milk and cake batter froyo flavors. Top with generous scoops of mochi and crushed almonds. Finish with waffle cone pieces and a maraschino cherry (or two, or three).

German Chocolate Cake

Mix equal parts chocolate, cake batter, and coconut milk froyo flavors before topping with substantial mounds of coconut, a heavy-handed drizzle of hot fudge, and of course, waffle pieces.

Speaking of waffle cones, don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday for Waffle Cone Wednesdays — buy one dessert and receive one waffle cone or waffle cup free!

Next time you visit historic Downtown Gresham, stop by Frenzi Frozen Yogurt and treat yourself! Visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt today to create your own DIY froyo masterpiece! View our menu to plan your ultimate sundae. Questions? Call us at 503.912.1577.

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