A Frenzi Of Flavors At Frenzi Frozen Yogurt 

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Do You Love Frozen Yogurt? 
Many local Gresham yogurt lovers already know that when they’re craving a frozen yogurt treat, they can rely on Frenzi Frozen Yogurt! Why choose Frenzi Frozen Yogurt? Because have an absolute frenzy of yogurt options and an incredible amount of toppings! You can make the frozen treat that suits your cravings easily at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt. 

New Frenzi Flavors Frequently Available! 

At Frenzi Frozen Yogurt, we take pride in providing our Gresham customers with a variety of options so that they can make a unique frozen yogurt treat to suit their tastes. To make sure that our variety of flavors always stays fresh, we frequently update the flavors we’re carrying. Gresham locals can get a first look at the latest Frenzi Frozen Yogurt flavors on our website. As soon as we get new flavors instore, we update the flavor list on our website so that local Gresham yogurt lovers are always up-to-date on what we have available. Be sure to check in frequently to see what’s new at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt! 

What’s Your Favorite Frenzi Frozen Yogurt Flavor? 

Do you have a favorite flavor at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt? Do you have a particular frozen yogurt and topping combination that you like to fall back on, or do you mix it up with different choices every time? After all, with over 60 topping options, you could make a unique Frenzi Frozen Yogurt combination every time you visit us! 

If you’re not sure what Frenzi Frozen Yogurt you like best, we recommend trying some of the following! 

The Famous Dole Pineapple Whip 

Disney fans just love the Dole Pineapple Whip flavor at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt. This unique flavor was once available exclusively at Disney owned locations such as the Magic Kingdom and so on. Now you can get a taste of this Disney magic right here in Gresham at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt! 

The Versatile And Delicious Cake Batter 

Another favorite among local Gresham Frenzi fans is the cake batter yogurt flavor at FrenziFrozen Yogurt. Why do people love the cake batter frozen yogurt option? Simple – because it’sso versatile! Frenzi Frozen Yogurt boasts 60 options for toppings. When you’re not sure what toppings you want, though, it can make it hard to choose a yogurt flavor. Choose the cake batter flavor, though, and you’re sure to be satisfied with whatever toppings to add on to it! Whether you choose fruits, candies, nuts, or chocolate – all go great with Fenzi Frozen Yogurt’s cake batter option! 

Come Find Your Favorite Frenzi Frozen Yogurt Flavor Today 

Of course, the best way to find out which Frenzi Frozen Yogurt flavor is best suited to your tastes is to come on by and try it for yourself! Don’t wait – visit us today! 

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt Brings Gresham Locals The Flavors They Love 

Next time you visit historic Downtown Gresham, stop by Frenzi Frozen Yogurt and treat yourself! Check out our flavors and toppings to see our seasonal offerings and plan your nextvisit. Don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday for Waffle Bowl Wednesdays — buy one dessert and receive one waffle cone or waffle bowl free! Questions? Call us at 503.912.1577. 

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