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Posted by wadmin on Monday, August 27, 2018

Frenzi_Frozen_Yogurt_Flavors_Creamy Mint Cookie

Can you imagine a time in America without cookies? It’s true. This very sad anomaly did indeed happen during WWII when there was a cookie hiatus due to the rationing of sugar, flower, and butter. It wasn’t until after this hiatus that we had the first official “cookie-mints” by a licensed baker hired by the Girl Scouts.

According to the Girl Scouts’ historian, the Cookie-Mints name changed to Chocolate Mint to Thin Mint to Cookie Mint to Chocolate Mint to Thin Mints to Thin Mint and finally, back to the plural Thin Mints.

Those who prefer mint cookies over any other cookie knows there is a specific way to store and eat them. Frozen. Yes! Any mint cookie lover will tell that is the only way to appreciate a mint cookie to it’s fullest is straight out of the freezer!

There is something about that chilled mint blast that comes at the end of a cookie mint bite. Now you can get the whole sensation out of a single flavor of froyo. Creamy Mint Cookie is a froyo flavor that is occasionally featured at Frenzi. Since it’s already frozen, you get that blast of mint, just like you would get if you were eating a mint cookie out of the freezer. Come in and try it for yourself next time you find it featured as one of our current flavors. And if you really like it that much, why not request it and we’ll bring it back sooner!

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