Cup Vs Cone – The Battle Of The Ages

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, August 18, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Cup Vs Cone - The Battle Of The Ages

Decisions, decisions, every day we’re faced with the choices that dictate our lives. Some are simple, like should you wear pants or shorts? And some are not so simple; should you move to Belize? Should you run for congress? Choices are part of life – even in our moments of indulgence. Knowing how to navigate the choices presented to you daily takes time and experience, but not every choice is difficult; some choices are actually a downright delight.

Take, for example, these two age old debates; paper cup vs sugar cone, or sugar cone vs cake cone vs waffle cone. How does a person decide? The classic sugar cone with its delicately pointed tip from which frozen cream coyly seeps around your wrist like a sticky sugar tattoo is clearly a winning choice. But also consider the hearty cake cone, and how it beckons to nibbled around its crisp frilly edges as its walls slowly soften, becoming saturated by the pleasure within. The waffle cone, grandiose, ample, and heartachingly fragrant, holds a special place in many of our hearts. The sweet smell of its batter as it progresses from pale blonde to honeyed amber arouses in so many of us an unplaceable nostalgia – it is simply one of the many smells of summer. Which is to say nothing for the sturdy, reliable cup, stacked and ready to contain all the impossible toppings you can muster.

Decisions, decisions…

The clear winner in this debate, however, is you. You can visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt online and browse each of their winning flavors and toppings and choose at your leisure.

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