Flavor of the Week: Country Vanilla vs. Classic Vanilla

Posted by wadmin on Monday, August 20, 2018

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Vanilla used to be a way to describe something unordinary. Now we have Classic Vanilla, French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, and Frenzi’s flavor of the week—Country Vanilla. Let’s break down what these different vanillas are all about.

Classic Vanilla is generally made without eggs. This is not always true, many classic vanilla recipes include eggs now, but not as much as our next vanilla flavor.

French Vanilla is supposed to have more eggs and an overall more custard-like flavor. The custard quality brings on changes in texture too. French vanilla is considered smoother and creamier.

Vanilla Bean is almost self-descriptive. It can be any vanilla flavor with the addition of chunks of vanilla bean. You can usually see the dotted specks of vanilla bean.

Country Vanilla is even creamier than French Vanilla. It also has a fresher quality to it. Due to the creamier flavor, it has a more rustic homemade taste to it. Country Vanilla is usually the flavor profile all vanilla recipes strive to.

Country Vanilla is usually regularly available as one of our current flavors. If you want some froyo that tastes even better than homemade, come on down to Frenzi. Vanilla is also the best flavor to pair with our fresh fruit toppings. Add a touch of hazelnut or caramel and you will have a gourmet dessert ready to eat.

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