Flavor of the Week: S’mores

Posted by wadmin on Monday, July 9, 2018


Creating a frozen yogurt that tastes like s’mores is a no-brainer. The mix of graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate is a staple around campfires. Although this gooey treat has topped the popularity list for flavors, its origins are wrapped in mystery.

Some historians try to trace the origins all the way back to the Victorian era when the popular desserts were “sandwich cookies” and sponge cakes, filled with jam, cream, or lemon curd. That seems like a stretch.

Could the S’mores just be a rebrand of familiar treats? The Mallomar is a graham cracker cookie topped with marshmallow and coated in chocolate—but it’s not a sandwich. Nabisco gets a little closer with MoonPies, a true sandwich made with graham crackers and marshmallow filling, dipped in chocolate.

Sure, they are all close originals but none of these are fireside contenders. The first known record of the campfire recipe is in a 1927 handbook titled Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts. The recipe actual called the treats “some mores.” I think we can all agree that the credit for traditional s’mores goes to the Girl Scouts.

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  • 45 million pounds of marshmallows goes to s’mores every year
  • The largest s’more on record weighed 267 pounds and used 140 pounds of marshmallows, 90 pounds of chocolate, and 90 pounds of graham crackers
  • PRO TIP: Use metal rods instead of wooden skewers and use the coals not the flames!

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