Get Ready For The Winter Holidays With These Froyo Combinations

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, December 4, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Get Ready For The Winter Holidays With These Froyo Combinations

It’s a scientific fact that ice cream cheers you up, and in the Pacific Northwest where seasonal depression can affect us all, a bit of ice cream or froyo can really turn your whole day around. Try these DIY sundaes for a yummy lift to wintery weather, or conversely, to celebrate a long-awaited holiday season — either way, these sundaes will put a smile on your face.

Cinnabon Cheesecake

Imagine, if you will, a holiday feast laid out before you. Cakes and pies, more than you could ever eat in one sitting. Consider this sundae as training for that feast. Mix one part cinnamon bun froyo with one part cheesecake froyo and top with a thin ribbon of caramel sauce.

Peppermint Patty

No holiday season is complete without multiple servings of mint chocolate. Consider this peppermint stick and classic chocolate swirl our contribution to the seasonal assortment. Top it with little ornaments of malt balls and raspberries.

Christmas Vacation

This tropical tribute to an Island holiday is a reminder that in other parts of the world, it’s 82 degrees and sunny. Mix equal parts pineapple dole whip and coconut milk froyo. Top with bursting boba and imagine yourself on a beach in paradise.

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