How Long Has Frozen Yogurt Been Around? 

Posted by wadmin on Monday, May 1, 2023

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How Long As Frozen Yogurt Been Around? 

If you’re a regular at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt, you may have a hard time thinking of a time when frozen yogurt wasn’t available. The truth is, though, the frozen yogurt hasn’t been around all that long at all. 

Plain yogurt – the non-frozen kind – has been around for ages. In fact, it dates back thousands of years, originating in the Middle East and India. Frozen treats, though, weren’t possible until the 1900s with the invention of the freezer. Even then, though, frozen yogurt wouldn’t be developed for another several decades 

Fro-yo as we know it didn’t come around until the 1970s – and even then it wasn’t quite the same. For example, did you know that they didn’t call fro-yo “fro-yo” in the 70s? It’s true! The name it went by in New England in the 1970s was “fro-gurt.” 

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No matter what you prefer to call it, Frenzi Frozen Yogurt has great frozen yogurt options you’re sure to love! Whether you want to indulge in the more traditional flavors, like Classic Chocolate or Country Vanilla, or you’d like something a little more unique, such as Strawberry Lemonade or Mountain Blackberry – we’ve got unique tastes for everyone! 

Don’t forget to try the toppings! After all, fro-yo just wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t make your treat all the more unique with delicious toppings. Here at Frenzi Frozen Yogurt, we offer over 60 topping options! 

Not A Big Fan Of Fro-Gurt? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got options for those of you who prefer other cold sweet treats to frozen yogurt. After all, everyone deserves the option of a sweet, cool treat. You can also get ice cream, Italian ice, milkshakes, and more when you visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt. 

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Next time you visit historic Downtown Gresham, stop by Frenzi Frozen Yogurt and treat yourself! Check out our flavors and toppings to see our seasonal offerings and plan your next visit. Don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday for Waffle Bowl Wednesdays — buy one dessert and receive one waffle cone or waffle bowl free! Questions? Call us at 503.912.1577. 

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