Ice Cream in Gresham

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Are you looking for a place that sells Cascade Glacier ice cream in Gresham? You can’t buy in a regular retail store, Cascade Glacier ice cream is only available at selected dessert shops. Come inside Frenzi Frozen Yogurt for your choice of 8 flavors.

Many of you are familiar with Cascade Glacier ice cream, some may still be unfamiliar with this local ice creamery located in Eugene, Oregon. While they have classic flavors like Mint Chip and Strawberry, we like to carry some of the more innovative flavors like Blue Bubble Gum and Death by Chocolate.

We offer Cascade Glacier by the scoop and you can get it in a waffle cone or in a cup.

If you are into other desserts we offer in Gresham, make sure you check out our updated Frenzi Flavors Page to find out our Frozen Yogurt Selection and over 60-plus toppings.

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