National Frozen Yogurt Day

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Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Frozen Yogurt Day


Frozen Yogurt Day is February 6th, and–believe it or not–that is coming up! Celebrate and visit Frenzi Frozen Yogurt to enjoy your favorite fro-yo with all sorts of toppings to boot! Look through our flavors and toppings here. Read up on the history of fro-yo to know all about our favorite frozen treat: 

PB & J 

Combine peanut butter yogurt with raspberry sauce and fresh berries for a creation that pays homage to your favorite childhood sandwich. Invert the recipe with raspberry sorbet, peanut butter sauce and Butterfinger crumbles for an equally tasty treat that’ll transport you back to grade school.


Prefer summer camp to lunchtime recess? Pair graham cracker yogurt with marshmallow sauce, chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers, and you’ll practically be able to smell the roasty, toasty campfire. You can even kick things up a notch by adding hot fudge (we promise not to tell Mom on Visiting Day).


Fans of Peanut M&M’s or Frosty Fries know that sweet and salty flavors go together like Mary and Jesus. So naturally, when one drapes nuts, chocolate-covered pretzels and hot fudge over salted-caramel yogurt, the result is nothing short of divine.


If all of these decadent treats are inducing chest pains just by reading about them, pull yourself some pomegranate yogurt and drop in some blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and almonds for a (relatively) healthy post-workout snack. It’s (almost) all natural!

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