The Do’s and Don’t of Fro-Yo Flavor Combos

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At Frenzi Frozen Yogurt, we have all sorts of flavors and toppings for you to enjoy. Read through some of the best flavor+topping combos (and consider a few to avoid). 

Just as in wine or in beer pairing, there are certain fruits, sauces and dry toppings that best complement each yogurt flavor. Failing to respect the privilege of hand-crafting one’s own yogurt-art is an abuse of power that must be stopped, in the name of all that is good and frosty.


Peanut Butter and Jelly

Combine peanut butter yogurt with raspberry sauce and fresh berries for a creation that pays homage to your favorite childhood sandwich. Invert the recipe with raspberry sorbet, peanut butter sauce and Butterfinger crumbles for an equally tasty treat that’ll transport you back to grade school.


Prefer summer camp to lunchtime recess? Pair graham cracker yogurt with marshmallow sauce, chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers, and you’ll practically be able to smell the roasty, toasty campfire. You can even kick things up a notch by adding hot fudge.

Sweet + Salty

Fans of Peanut M&M’s or Frosty Fries know that sweet and salty flavors go together like Mary and Jesus. So naturally, when one drapes nuts, chocolate-covered pretzels and hot fudge over salted-caramel yogurt, the result is nothing short of divine.

The Vegetarian Elvis

It’s good to be the King. And now you can chow down like him by blending peanut butter yogurt with peanuts, bananas and an optional drizzle of honey. Carnivores, if you can convince your local yogurt shop to offer bacon, God bless your dedication to authenticity.

Cookies on Crack

There’s a reason dessert wines such as Moscato d’Asti are sweet: Sometimes the best accompaniment is simply more of the same. So what goes better with cookies & cream yogurt than crushed Oreos and cookies & cream bark? Nothing.

Berry Healthy

If all of these decadent treats are inducing chest pains just by reading about them, pull yourself some pomegranate yogurt and drop in some blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and almonds for a (relatively) healthy post-workout snack. It’s (almost) all natural!

Good Morning Honey

Want to treat yourself in the a.m., without taking a cheat day? Try Greek honey yogurt with granola, blueberries and a touch of honey for the most wholesome fro-yo cup one can fill. I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. And every day after that.


Avoid the following yogurt-topping combinations at all costs:

Watermelon Sorbet + Peanut Butter Sauce

Sure, peanut butter goes great with many creamy fruit yogurts—but tart sorbet? Not so much. And, as the water-based sorbet melts and melds with the sticky, gooey PB, you’ll have an especially disturbing concoction on your hands (perhaps quite literally).

Mint Yogurt + Fruity Pebbles

Pairing mint yogurt with Fruity Pebbles will taste like a Saturday morning from your youth…after having brushed your teeth. Not to mention the whole thing will look like clown vomit. To play it safe with mint, stick with chocolate and/or more neutral toppings such as nuts.

Cotton Candy + Pineapple

The sticky, fluffy flavor of cotton candy goes terribly with the acidic tang of fresh pineapple (or—heaven forbid—pineapple sauce). As it does with most citrus fruits, salty nuts, and wet peanut butter. The confection is delightful on its own, but arguably the most difficult of all to pair.

Above all, always remember: With great yogurt comes great responsibility. 

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