Wrap Up Date Night At Frenzi!

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 8, 2017

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt_Wrap Up Date Night At Frenzi!

You and your sweetheart are strolling along Main Street after a romantic dinner and maybe a few glasses of wine. The moon has lit up the sky like the soft blue flame of a fading candle, and the stars are glittering like crystals buried in the smooth endless black of night. A soft breeze rolls through the trees, fluttering the leaves with the breath of fall and lifting your hair from your neck, reminding you and your paramour that the end of summer is upon you. As you steal furtive glances at each other, bathed in the golden glow of street lights, you hear laughter and music spilling from the doors of the local watering holes held ajar to entice you and your lover inside, but you have other plans…sweeter plans.

Perhaps this is a first date, or maybe a third, or possibly one in a series of date nights that you and your partner spend weeks planning for. Perhaps this is the night you fall in love, the night you look into someone else’s eyes and feel deep in the pit of your stomach that you want to wake up next to them every morning for the rest your lives. Or maybe tonight is an ephemeral scene, only to be lost in the shared dating history of so many capricious youths.

But right now, in this moment, tonight is singular. And as you and your desired stroll leisurely down Main Street, you know there is only one possible place this walk could end; sharing an ice cream cone, a frothy milkshake or a towering cup of frozen yogurt with one another.

Visit Frenzi’s website for more date night ideas that end in sweet frozen desert, shared romantically.

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